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Sky and Earth_Update

To be honest, this started out as line illustration and I wanted to practice doing minimal shading, but I gave up and went with realism....coloring with lines is hard! haha anyways enjoy.

Comment? I may not be able to reply to everyone, but I do read them.

Update: I forgot her freckles, they should be there now
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Even though it's been four years now. This picture is still so beautiful. Love it!
Love the detail in the background and on AJ and Dash. Also love the lone apple between the rainbow trail and the Twilight ballon hehe :D
Rainbow doesn't use hooves for hard work as Applejack. She wouldn't need horseshoes.
Why would Rainbow wear horseshoes while she flies?
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I like you drawing, but my thoughts still turn to Pinkie chasing Rainbow easily, though she may be using wormholes... Nice job on rainbows mane look almost on fire/alive... look around to make sure I am not being pulled in, like Narnia or something.

apart from my train of thought wrecking Multiple times, What I intended was to say was: GREAT WORK KEEP IT UP!  
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I can't believe you think realism is easier than line work. I mean...well it's not that I don't believe you...I guess I'm just amazed that you find this style easier than doing line work. Because pretty much ALL I do is line work, which is so easy for me, and I look at your drawings and think, "Wow, that looks so hard. I wish I could paint like that." It must just be practice and perspective. What's hard for me is easy for you and vice versa. Or something like that. (I still wish I could paint like you can.)
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can i draw with u once؟
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Hey Tsi, someone just steal your work. As a great fan of you, something needs to be done.……
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Hi, someone used and cropped your picture, but didn't credit you...
Applejack by TehRocky3
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:3 Appledash is best 

Cool drawing ^^
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Wow!!! Awesome!!! Reminds me of the old episodes...! Love it!!! :love: :love: :love:
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omg, love the detail! With the horseshoes, and the ballon, and everything! I love watching ur speedpaints too, :D (Big Grin)  I hope you upload more of them
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Amazing attention to detail in every little piece of the picture! I noticed that on the horseshoes Rainbow Dash has shiny, clean ones while Applejack's are more copper colored, looking almost dirty. And it makes sense since AJ never leaves the ground and most of the time is on dirt paths around the farm. This may or may not have been on purpose, but it still adds to the picture!

Fantastic job.
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I love how you added in the horse shoes for realistic effect. Nicely well put. =3
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You would think that AJ would need the horseshoes more =P
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she has it, its just realy hard to see >.>
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Love your art!😄
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Very cute! Do you like my cute craft on my gallerySpin, Slide and Bump Meow :3 
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Wow! Just why do they have horse shoes?
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technically, the hoof sounds from the show would sound like that if they did have horseshoes, so.


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Oh OK. Understood.
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Because they're awesome like that, possibly? -shrug- I love how she put the hot air balloon in the background!
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