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Sketchy Ponies

Off an on I sketch the characters in-between work. I took my time sketching, seems my posing benefits more when I take my time.
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I like the way you have mixed the shows caricature and real life anatomy.By the way,have come upon a book by Ken Hultgren?
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Wonderful sketches.
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Oh my gosh they're so gorgeous! *saved*
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can i color them?
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You are truly one of the masters of ponies!
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Wow, such a lot to be learned even from sketches! Add in your truly amazing colouring and shading...and composition...and lighting.... damn. Thats why you're one of the king-pins :D An inspiration.
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Little bites on your itchy wing, Rainbow. :XD:
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I suppose you're using a mix of human and horse anatomy? You probably use human anatomy for the anthropomorphic traits of the ponies. Am I right?
Well it's typical for furry art. And what's more I've a feeling something is missing here. Twilight's and Rarity's breasts.
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yes your right else it wouldn't work^^
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the anatomy is great! :D
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They all look cute :3 Except I think Spike's back looks a bit too short, idk I may be wrong, you are a more improved artist what I am...
I must say that's sexy. Very sexy.
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too cute for me ;w;
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Mmm, very nice. :)
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So much cuteness!
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Hmmm...? These ponies seem a tad sketchy to me don't know why?
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That fluttershu is adorable
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Love Spike up there about to munch that gem in one bite. Lol. And Pinkie's little back-hoof clap fits her so well. Awesome sketches, Tsitra!
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