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Shy but Batty

I enjoyed the episode, seeing shy not being herself is just...entertaining. (Comments? I may not reply to everyone but I do read them all)

*Timelapse video will be uploaded later this week or next*
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How much and how do i purchase?
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Yo the name is batty the logic is erratic
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Is it possible to get this as a large print? This is my favorite piece of yours. (I might be biased towards Flutterbat. :meow: )
the cuteness is overloading the detector!
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Your version is SO much better than mine. xDD Your style is wonderful!
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This is so wickedly awesome.... : D
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Amazing, I love the coloring.
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this is THE best flutterbat I've seen! The glowing eyes and the semi-transparent wings..AMAZING!
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I absolutely loved this episode - it was interesting to see her style change with her transformation.

Your version of her is both adorable and slightly scary, which is exactly the feeling I got from the episode :D
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Flutterbat is awesome.
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what episode are you talking about?
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The flutterbat episode.
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can't wait to see the timelapse will it b up soon?
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Awesome picture! :meow:
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ummm, speedpaint? I'd like to see it...
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le cutie mark.....genious
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