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Shining Armor_Portrait

Paint practice, trying to capture that regal royalty feel from classic paintings.  Enjoy my first piece of 2016

If you guys like this enough, I'll do Cadence. Perhaps after my comms are done.

Edit: Cadence is finished!
MiAmoreCadenza Portrait by Tsitra360 
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:iconshiningarmorplz: "And this is my 'sexy smile portrait'!"
:icontwilightsparkleplz: "Yeah yeah yeah, whatever... :roll:"
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I thought this looked like one of your's. Saw it as the cover to a story just now, and the art style looked familiar. Good work.
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Wow he looks hansome here reminds me a ;ittle bit of the haunted mansion portrait
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Watching this I was thinking about a Pony version of the horror game Layers of Fear
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As regal as the Lady. :)
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You don't mess around!
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He looks so cool and full of pride!
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Damn this would look cool as print in a baroque frame! I need to save money for this!
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Nice outfit, S.H.
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Awesome! Looks like a painting that would fit right in with a haunted mansion story.
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I LOVE this!! I would love to see Cadence ^^
he looks very good!!
I bet Candance loves it when he looks like this!!
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A regal portrait.
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Love it! He looks so regal that way. Not... dorky.

Wonderful portrait. Hoping you do the same with the princesses.
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:icontwilightsparkleplz: "I wonder how many different expressions he tried before the right one was found..."
:iconshiningarmorangryplz: "Hey, I don't appreciate your lack of faith in my professionalism, Twily! Besides, it was easy once I thought of the 'special bedroom time' Cadance and I have as a married couple..."
:icontwilightfacehoofplz: "Ugh, TMI! I did NOT want to know that much, please and thank you!"
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If this painting looks professionally done.... it is. 
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Ya, I could totally see this hanging on a castle wall or in a museum next a bunch of other paintings.

Good job with the paint style :thumbsup:
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