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She's Electric!

I admit, I made the same face the first time I touched one of those things.

More art on black paper
Fools Love by Tsitra360 
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...I want black paper now. This is awesome. 
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I love the lighting and the colors on this picture! :D (Big Grin) 
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Amazing and funny :) I love Derpy!
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hey sitra its me. Ponystylepro aka psp. I created a new account since im going to start drawing new styles. Anyway, I am still in great AWE, on your talent and just how amazing everything you create turns out. Your style, your colours, just everything about what you create just makes me fall in love with every drawing you represent. If you ever took someone under your wing like Twilight, they would learn much from you.
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Can't believe I just now saw this comment ^^; . Good to hear you're still drawing
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It's alright, I don't even remember it myself lol 
Thank you :)
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xD only derpy...
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Because, Derpy. XD
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shes like over 9000
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haha, me too.
Love it.
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I give this 5 muffins!
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"Electricity, eeeelectricity"…

Remember that one?

Wonderful work
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Zap with the whole mane & tail goes up. :lol:
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There's just so many distracting things in the Doctor's lab.
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we did this in primary school fun times =P (Razz) :D (Big Grin) 
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hey umwhat app id you use for the art you o???
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It's traditional art.
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its black paper with prismacolors and colored pencils, as mentioned in the last drawing they did like this 
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