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Sea Mahi Pony

I'm a squid... I love this game a lot.

Video Art Timelapse. See how I painted this
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Ok lemme give you guys a fact, inklings die in water because the water is hot and they have their little ink backpacks for Inklings....

If it's cold water than it's ok.

If it was hot water inklings would retreat becuz squids are in water.... it's stupid

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Awww this is so cute
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Shouldn't that Inkling's leg explode?
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Welp. Surely is Smash Bros can go against Inklings being impervious to water I don't see anything wrong with it here.
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I keep seeing "inklings die in water", yet this one is a seapony.  so logic would dictate that she won't die in water.  give it a break!  it's a awesome picture no matter what.  Tsitra has given a wonderful alternate universe type piece of artwork.  stop being so nit-picky, people. And accept it for what it is. 
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Inklings cant toush water .........BUT WATHERVER, THIS IMAGE LOOKS JUSt AMAZING¡¡¡¡
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It was such an honor to meet you at bronycon and buy this print! You have a real talent!
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She kinda looks like she's gonna bite her finger
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Hehe cute crossover, and well drawn. The water details are especially nice.

Hehe I like how tiny Seapony Lyra is. (Nobody draws her or Octopus Octavia anymore.) Makes her almost pet-like.
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Ahaha, so cute. :)
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Inklings die in water.
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'I love this game a lot'
And you're great at it! You're a legit sniper :'D
Always a pleasure playing with ya, and fantastic drawing as always!!
(It's Dream, the maniac that charges into the enemy base every round XD)
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AWWWWWWW that's so cute.
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Turf war is my jam. This is wonderful. Lyra's adorable.
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I don't know what this game is, but this is adorable anyways!
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That's so cute!
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Hey, she's got a Lyra Seapony. :)
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Good art m8.
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That is so adorable.
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Heh, cute~ Gotta love lil' Sea-Lyra. That's some good looking water too. Well done. :D
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