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Scoots New Wings

Just playing around with cartoon coloring methods. Seeing what I like.

More cartoony coloring :D
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Cute but Scootaloo doesn't need when's to make her awesome.
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Makes me wonder whether her own wings are inside that thing or cut off. Hmm... 
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Scootaloo was sad. She was a blank flank, unable to fly pegasus filly, and she did not like it one bit. She set aside her book, even though she was supposed to be studying for a test that Wednesday, and went outside. It was a colorful day, but poor Scootaloo did not feel the warmth and laughter of the day, she rested her head on the railing once she sat down, a single tear falling from her eye.

"Scootaloo!" , said a squeaky voice below the balcony, "Scooooooootalooooo!"

"What," spat out the orange pegasus, "I'm busy!" She sighed, getting up from her chair and looking down to Sweetie belle, who was accompanied by applebloom

"We're movin' the meeting the meeting up a week. Is that okay?"

"Fine by me, gives me more alone time." Scootaloo walked inside, shutting the door behind her and slumping on her bed. Being recentley teased for her inability to fly, she needed all the time alone she could get.

The next day, Scootaloo woke up with her blankets crumpled and halfway off her bed. She sighed, knowing she would have to pick it up and make her bed again, and reluctantly picked up her sheets. "Darn it." She said, dropping the sheets and giving up, thus throwing them on her bed. "That bed is the least of my problems." She looked out the window at the new mechanic shop across the street, an idea getting in her head. Scootaloo quickly put on her helmet and went outside, hopping on her scooter and going over to the shop, a small sack of bits in her saddlebag. She took the bag out, walking inside cheerfully through the doors of the new shop. She looked around, gazing at all the gizmos and gadgets there was.

"Can I help you?" A fair sized stallion stood at the counter, wearing a light grey suit and a nametag that read, 'Hello, I'm Clank bolts'. "I'm Clank, what's a filly like you doing in a shop like this?" He smiled, the whiteness of his teeth showing through his dark grey coat.

"Well, I can't fly very well and need something to help me. Do you have a fan, or a small jet or something?" Scootaloo looked up at the unicorn, a curious look on her face.

"I got better than that,"Said Clank, "I got wings of steel, lemme get' em for ya." He pulled off a medium sized box from a high shelf, setting it in front of Scootaloo. "That'll be five bits."

Scootaloo set down her bag, taking out five bits and setting them on the counter, filled with glee. Clank gave her the steel wings and smiled.

"I guess you really like the idea of steel. Come again!" He waved goodbye as scootaloo walked out the door and set the box on her scooter, going back to her house.

Scootaloo set the box on her bed, smiling. "Now I can fly!" She opened the box, taking out the steel wingz, carefully placing them on top of her smaller ones. "Woah, nice wings!"

- end
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Hehe. She looks like soo cool. Nice art.
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That's one way around it. Love how smug she looks. This is a pony who knows exactly how cool she is.
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is it ok if i draw this/
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Hey, Scoot stole Skyfall's wings! 

Haha, just kidding. I have an OC named Skyfall. Since her wings are paralyzed, she has new ones that sort of look like that xD
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Hey Tistra!
I have a question for you, if you don't mind to reply that is! ^.^

What are the brushes you used for the shading? Especially on her coat, it looks so gorgeous! 
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After Archangel broke free of his control, Apocalypse set out to create an even stronger harbinger. :)
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do i want to know why she needs new ones or what happend to the old ones? Ô.o but that aside it's a relly great pic^^
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Haha... I had a dream where she had mechanical wings like this. Nice work

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Ponybots: the prologue
awesome, nice concept for the wings :)
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just noticed the longer you look on the face the creepier it gets XD
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wing ecstntions....
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where are her real wings? also this would be better if they were looking real as i tought at first glance on miniature.. i really do love scoots
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I think they got ripped off
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I approve of Augmented Ponies. :icondeusexplz:
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I wouldn't mind if that would happen.
She just wants to fly so desperately. :(
And this would at least better than nothing and would finally lift her up. :)
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What happened to her old wings o_O
The Rainbow Factory ate 'em before she managed to escape :D
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That's our Scoot!
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This is what they give pegasi instead of wheelchairs.
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