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Scootaloo Shredding

Man I cant wait to go snowboarding and shred like Scootaloo. 

Apple Bloom in Snow by Tsitra360  Sweetie In Snow by Tsitra360 
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90's Scootaloo...

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I want winter back !!! 
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that's legit! That board iss pretty awesome to!
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We need some Rainbow Dash snowboards in real life. I'd buy one up so fast!
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Yooo this is so awesome!!! :D

BTW, I have a similar skull bandana XD
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You should re-colour this and have her as the Silver Surfer. :P
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spacewolflord's avatar
So all winter gear except pants...I get showing the Mark is important but so is keeping you bottom warm and not have important bits freeze off.
Still an very well done picture.
Thank you for sharing. 
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Cartoon horse logic, you rarely see them wear anything related to pants unless its a dress. Even in the cold
Edward256's avatar
It isn't just Cartoon Horse Logic. See Donald Duck during the winter seasons.
spacewolflord's avatar
It just seems odd that they would have dresses and all sorts of others things but no pants.  I am fine with them not wearing cloths all the time but the pants thing just bugs me for some reason.  It might be the fact that I have to deal with negative double digit weather for work right now. 
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It's not only "Cartoon Horse Logic". It has been a trope with most cartoon anthro animals. Just look at Donald Duck as an example in the winter seasons (excluding when he wore that massive bell coat).
BlazeHeartPanther's avatar
XD that short was hilarious.
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That RD snowboard though!
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So super sweet /)
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Scutealoo makes one badass snowboarder!
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Shred dat ice!!!
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the mask reminds me of kaneki XD
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This is so cool! I love the accessories and details you put into this, especially the  bandanna, goggles and the bottom of the board.
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