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Rest On Jack

Rainbow, go take your nap somewhere else!  Wanted to chill doing a fun Big Applejack. Enjoy

Edit: Re-uploaded with a fix for the neck, after getting feedback from other artists. Thank you!
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A beautiful pic I love it :D
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Big apple is just as cute as a normal apple or mini-apple XD
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Little tiny Rainbow Dash is cute. 
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Awww so adorable! I love it when she sleeps on big AJ. Also AJ’s got two birds on her hat. :D
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Wonderful work. I like the anatomy
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I wanna hug the giant apple pony!
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RD looks like one of those pins you decorate yourself with xD

She looks good on AJ's hat.
You are absorbing the essence of NCMares...
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Love giant + lil' ponies!
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I was there during all the streams, good work!
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Dashie sleeping on an apple tree X3
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Giant!Applejack: "Rainbow, mah hat ain't yer hammock! Get offa there, or Ah'll fling ya halfway to Cloudsdale!"
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