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Rainbow Showers

Was supposed to just be a warmup sketch, but got carried away. Enjoy Rainbow Dash taking a Rainbow shower.

Rainbow Shower System: Specialized showers throughout Equestria uses pure rainbow in place of water. While it is still water, the rainbow compound is useful for Pegasi as it coats them with revitalizing energy that is unique to them. Pegasi regularly uses a Rainbow shower to not only clean their bodies, but to renew their fur and feathers for flight. It can replenish a Pegasus' energy and refreshes their mentality. The colorful water does not leave any stains, it simply evaporates giving the coat a shiny look. It is highly recommended for use after long strenuous flights, or emotional stress. Earth and Unicorn ponies can use rainbow showers, and experience the same affects, but Pegasi receives the most benefits.
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Oh, I just realized that's the Wonderbolt Academy uniform she has hung outside the shower. Cool. Wonder if there's a redo of this art with the Wonderbolt uniform as well. That ep of her finally becoming a Wonderbolt aired May 7, 2016.