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Rainbow Pinkie_Collab

Originally Uploaded Feb 23 2015

Its quite difficult to draw something that has a bunch of random colors and accessories. Rainbow ponies aren't the worst, but does bring some challenges. I had fun making the lines, and Vest worked his coloring magic.

Lines: :icontsitra360:
Colors: :iconvest:

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I can’t count how many balloons pinkie got?

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O.O how can u draw this stuff so amazingly????????
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Love the detail on the hooves! /)^3^(\
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Nice!!! Sooo colorful and cheerful!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
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Can't stand the rainbow power look, but I love your art so I can deal with it :D.
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Awesome work!

Generally super rainbow magic lets a pony float through the air on its own. Maybe the balloons are just for decoration? :D
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Awesome work

Always cute to see Pinkie floating with balloons.
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So pretty and cute!!
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Instant phone lockscreen....done.
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Very nice collaboration, plus I love how her mane style looks, ees pretty darn cool
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The balloons on her hooves disturb me. They remind me of doing a Google search for a word I never should have Googled.
AlbinoFluttershy's avatar
You mean trypophobia, right?

The results are quite rancid, but not as bad as "blue waffle" (don't search that either) or "special fried rice" (not this one either).
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Yeah, tats on hooves are odd
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Ugh...don't even type it.
AlbinoFluttershy's avatar
Yeah, the results are quite rancid.
They're not quite as bad as "blue waffle" (don't type that either), but they're still pretty bad.
BoneSatellite's avatar
I'm not gonna type that into a search, and you can't trick me into doing so!
AlbinoFluttershy's avatar
Also, don't type "special fried rice" into the search box - the results are even worse than either of the two.
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