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Rainbow Falls

The main six takes a breather from trekking for miles to their destination. Needing to obtain a specific ingredient to bring Dash down to normal size. Dash plops down with the group with a shaking thud, knocking up dirt into the air. Rarity shouts at Dash for bringing up so much dirt and rambles on and on about cleanliness. Dash getting bored out of her mind, a thought comes to mind...with a mischievous smirk she gathers a lot of saliva into her mouth and leans over Rarity. She releases a huge glob of spit and it drops heavily down onto poor Rarity. With a loud shriek Rarity yells out to Rainbow "Why in celestial name did you SPIT on me!? Ewww...its disgusting!" . Dash just grins back, "well you said you hated dirt, just decided to give you my personal version of Rainbow Falls."

Just a random idea that popped into my head haha. I can just imagine the mischief Dash would do if some strange event caused her to become a giant! This is one of them. Make sure to watch the time-lapse video! And feel free to come up with your own story :)

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i can honestly see this as an actual episode.
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Amazing and also is rainbow wearing eyeshadow ?
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Raining Rainbow!
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this is legit the most adorable thing ever
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Rage Rage Rage Rage Rage Rage Rage Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu Crying Crying Crying Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! Oh Noes! 
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Glad I was able to grab the last print of this at BABScon!  -Liero
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Cute Rainbow Dash!Meow :3 
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:iconinsanerarityplz: Rainbow !!!YOU"RE DEAD!!!
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GIF My Little Pony - Laugh  y-you should see your face!!!
Rainbow Dash (Lol Whut) Plz  oh yeah?  Rainbow Dash (Determined look) Plz fight me.
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I was afraid of this Rainbow Dash (Snoring) Plz  .  I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to useRainbow Dash (Determined look) Plz -
Rainbow Dash (Charge) Plz RAINBOW ATTACK!!!!!Rainbow Dash (Charge) Plz 
rainbow cry :FeelingFree: Lily's Rainbow Box RAINBOW LA Rainbow doge emote rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony :rainbowfrog: Rainbow Sheep #2 Rainbow Dash Licking gif Seizure Kitty Dance :rainbowllamaride: Spongebob (Imagination) Rainbow Slide Emote Rainbow Voimt Rainbow Dash Blink Icon Rainbow Dancing Alpaca :nyancat: Rainbow Emote Rave Proud to Serve Tinyrainbowarmy Tinyrainbowarmy Tinyrainbowarmy Tinyrainbowarmy :awesomerainbow: CCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLLOOOORRRSSSS! Rainbow Llama Es increible! Rainbow Dash messy mane sprite Rainbow Dash ... Hooves? Rainbow Dash 
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time for me to power up
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hmmf.. not bad,
but you think that's going to be enough to save you?? Rainbow Dash (Mother of Celestia) Plz  
It seems it has come to this...
Space Rainbow Space Rainbow Space Rainbow Space Rainbow Space Rainbow Space Rainbow Space Rainbow Space Rainbow Space Rainbow Space Rainbow Space Rainbow Space Rainbow 
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you're right. using the power of greed will only get you so far but when the night takes you thats when the real nightmares come from Free Nightmare Rarity icon 2 
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>nightmare rarity is simply too much< Rainbow Dash (Bowing) 

Rainbow Dash (Worried) Plz 
rarity... don't... don't do it...
...Please... it's me, your friend, Rainbow Dash (Reassuring) Plz 
Rainbow Dash (Scared) Plz please??? Rainbow Dash (Sad Pout) Plz 
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Omg thats funny
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lol, i'd love a gaiant dashie.
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Dash is my favourite. <3
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