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Who likes the feeling of rain hitting your face? I do. Will be at EQLA

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Purple Rain!

I love that song 😊

Good pic Tsitra360 👍
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i had to look several times but her eyes the glow that they give off is just so beautiful and how they seem to encompass the feel of just a slow subbtle sigh and release of power great work tsitra always a joy to see such  works. and if i've commented before this is a second commment to go with that first one just incaase i forgot lol 
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Lovely Twilight in the rain.
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Beautiful work. Could I use this as a cover for a fan fiction if I credit you, please?
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This would be the great scene for a song.
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According to old swedish stories, it says rainwater showers can make you more beautyful :D
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I didnt know that! and I´m swedish xD
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Dom sa så i Saltkråkan filmerna :)
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Aha! jag har inte sett dem på typ 5-10 år, så det är nog därför. :^D
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AMAZING drawing ^^
(and just wondering.. is that a blue feather in her mane?)
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This is beautiful!
Wait... she has a feather in her mane... and the title is Rain... remind me of Rain in "Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron" xD
Ride the Twilightning ^_^
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Love the glowing eyes. So magical.
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Is she... "Singing in the rain!!" ?   :iconimhappyplz:
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Rain hitting your face feels AWESOME!!! Epic La

... Or relaxing, depending on the situation. :P
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