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REsized Ep1 Fluttershy pt2

Twilight's fine, Fluttershy is practically a marshmallow.

RESized Ep1 Fluttershy pt.1 by Tsitra360 

  REsized -Ep1 Ponyville by Tsitra360 
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TeenyTiny ponies need to keep an eye out For giant hooves otherwise they may get squashed. Ouch!

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i question become size of filly or foal then the two size we seen so far

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So apparently the improved vocal volume so she could still be easily heard while at such a small size apparently didn't also come with improved hearing to match so to catch what a mumbling pony says, even when they're doing it literally just in front of their face.

But let's be honest...we're not here for consistent logic. :P

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Under hoof is an understatement. ;-P

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I think Twilight's just about had it with all of this resizing.

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Ouch xD how unpleasant xD

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So tiny and yet she still can’t make out what she says xD

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Hehehe~ she can be so clumsy sometimes! X3

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While Fluttershy learns about dragons, Twilight's getting a hooves on lesson on frogs.

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