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I'm shocked to find how much I have improved over the years. I had problems with cartooning and linework. I honestly believed I did awesome with that Dash in 2011!  (The image on the right was completed in 2013, even though I uploaded it in 2014)

For those who does not have such a contrast in their art, do not worry. Artists are like trees, we all grow a little different. I've seen artists progress much faster than me, and slower, and they all became masters!
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These art progress things give me hope I'll be a good artist one day idk why lol
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Where and what sources did you learn to draw like this? I been struggling to improve like ya!
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Button Mash: But mooooom! I want hay fries! 
Mash's mom: You're getting carrot sticks and that's final! 
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This gives me hope to be a GREAT artist one day :)
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that is some GREAT improvement in just two years.
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Lol yeh that 2011 Rainbow Dash I am a dummy! 
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My art never improved, it's still horrible. You're so lucky to have tons of talent. :(
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#1 Rule of an Artist : Never stop drawing.
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I should draw more.
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Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Blitz Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap my art when I was art now
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congratulations on your progress. We're always getting better as artists each time we practice. Even if it doesn't seem noticable, we are always making progress. ^_^
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Impressive! Very cool
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That's really impressive! My skill on the piano has progressed like this. My artwork, on the other hand...
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Did you take any classes in the last three years?
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Wow what an improvement , do you have any tips for beginners or people who want to improve and what did you do was there a particular artwork that thought you so much ? 

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And it's progress like this that completely demoralizes me.
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Its amazing how much you've changed in just two years!
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I saw the left one and thought: Outch...
I saw the right one and thought: AWESOME
You have so much talent now (:
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Actually a lot of you do have hope, Just do what he did...Put a lot of time and effort ( And a little/bit of cash ) And you could become a big hit.  All it takes is the excellent word of "Dedication!"   If you love what you do, and that is art then go for it 'Tsitra' did... Why don't you!
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Just out of curiosity how long did each take you? 
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Wow. There's hope for me yet!
It's amazing...just 2 years? Pony has changed lives.
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Not so everyone can progress in such a short period, it is not possible.. Not all are so talented as you. 
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