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Princess SkyStar Hippogriff

Finally finished. I loved this character in the MLP Movie. Be sure to check out her other form below, and the art youtube time-lapse!

Video Timelapse:

Princess Skystar Seapony by Tsitra360  Princess SkyStar Hippogriff by Tsitra360 
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It's really good, but. . . Tempest Shadow icon 1 
Why's her tail so different from her mane? Tempest Shadow icon 2 
It goes from horse hair to feathers, was it like that in the movie? Tempest Shadow icon 3 
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:wave:Hello! :D :)
:aww: Nice picture! :clap::dance::wow:
:iconeufrosis:I like it!:blowkiss::iconpurpleheartplz:
Keep up the good work!
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Good point actually...
Now that I actually paid more attention and searched Google, her tail seemed to be made of feathers too.
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Yup, not complaining. It is very good art, but a mistake was made.
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me guta mas la version hipogrifo q la sirena
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Beautiful work on her
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Yush! Best horse birb!
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She looks very cute I love it.+fav Heart Heart +fav 
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Just when you think he can’t get any better he bolws it out of the water 
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I wish there was a higher res version of this pic :(
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A nutty but extremely happy hippogriff, I loved her 'friends' in the movie as well =p
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Very nice! I wish people would draw more hippogriffs. I like seaponies too, but I prefer the hippogriffs because that's their true form.
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OMG you did Princess Skystar - and she looks AWESOME! *-* Yet again! xD
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Her hippogriff form, that's nice, someday you should also add Gabby Griffin by her side so we can have the 2 forms side by side, hippogriff & griffin. :)
She is the happiness embodied
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This is very great
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Haven't seen the film yet, so don't know which is her true form. But great job on both pieces.
In past hippogriff. Now both.
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derp, you just spoiled him.
I think he isn't blind. Those two pictures are big spoiler .
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