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Princess Ember - Colored Pencil

This was a drawing I did while attending Babscon. I offered this original for sale and :iconsomebadpony: is now the lucky owner. He also was very generous and scanned it for me.

Everyone was drawing Princess Ember and calling her the new waifu, but they forget the big daddy Lord Torch. Be careful selecting your waifu's :x 

Dive - Commission by Tsitra360  Luna's Future by Tsitra360  She's Electric! by Tsitra360  Fools Love by Tsitra360 
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Really love your traditional pieces <3
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Now that I look at this again, it seems like it'd make a great print! I think you might've had one at Everfree this year? I should've bought one then!

Do you have an online shop or some place I could get a print? :D
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Loved ember, but not a waifu
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This looks amazing. As always great job. (Q: is that her father behind her?)
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Was this done on black paper? It looks great, and I love how you used her father for the background. It really captures the size difference and makes it feel lively. Great composition.
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I haven't seen a lot of works with those two. So far Assasinmonkey did the only I seen with them fully present.

Wonderful work. Yes, a new waifu appeared. Probably the color...
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i love to see this digitized
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Wow, that's different in the style, oh, color pencil, now that looks well detailed, something I can't achieve when I was in college.
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What paper did you used there? o-o
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This is fantastic. As always.
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