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Pony Thinker

My contribution for a calendar thats going to be at Ponycon NY. A ponyification of The Thinker statue. For the BronyThankYouFund. (Not on the site yet)
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Will this be evidence in the next MLP/Phoenix Wright crossover?
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It's amazing! but I think you shoul've drown him bigger, like Big Machintosh, to match the muscles :)
Nice work, as awlays
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Those muscles though, crimey!

Nice work!
catQuimypony's avatar
when a catoon hose has moe muscles than your boyfrind
hunterN05's avatar
Pfffft, hehehehe xD
FizzyGreen's avatar
Very much hoers
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Incredible detail on the muscles!
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This is just amazingly amazing, and amazingly clever
Tierfarbe's avatar
So amazing... *-*
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Its awesome! And it gives a really strong sensation of deepness!
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Wow. That is some deep stuff right there. :+fav: 
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Hi Tsitra! Can you made the comission for me? 
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That is great :D
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"I pony... therefore I am." :)
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That is a fuckton of muscle
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"What to do until the next season..."

Amazing piece. So, that's will be on one of my calender's page next year? Awesome.
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The muscles and everything are so beautifully done! I'm sure people would love to see this in their calendars <3 Great work!~
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I really don't know what to think of those muscles.
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This is badass. a bit creepy, but badass.
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Lol, just like the real thing but only pony. :)
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