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Pony Pay

Made myself a table top ad letting people know I can take Android and Apple Pay at the cons! (and those card chip things...)

I'll be at Bronycon table 503 this weekend. See you there!
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The pun... it's real
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Impressive play on words.
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OMG I am laughing.  A rare feat.  This is gonna be shared.
WwAliceLiddellwW's avatar
Hah! Perfect. As always!
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Hey Tsitra you should sell some mlp stickers that go on MacBooks! I have a few ideas for them...
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could you upload the AJfied Apple logo? I'd like to get this as a sticker for my Macbook.
Mr-Slick-Detailer's avatar
Dude if you do that I have to see it!!
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i'll never go to bronycon
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No, I'll never be a slave to an evil corporation (I write this from Windows).
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Aw, Sweetie Belle... :giggle:
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Wow, Sweetie Android. :lol:
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You might either get paid or a lot of sugar-induced dead heart attack victims if you show this =p
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lol that is a funny little coincidence. announcing you take those payments at a table that's error code online means unavailable.  
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So cute yet informative that Tsitra360  accepts these two kinds of payments. Chibi AppleJack Icon Chibi AppleJack Icon Chibi AppleJack Icon Chibi Sweetie Belle Icon Chibi Sweetie Belle Icon Chibi Sweetie Belle Icon Chibi Sweetie Belle Icon 
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Oh.  OH.

I get it.
Well played.
This hurts.
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Do you have your name on your table aswell cause I have sooo many artists i wanna see ill never remember all these table numbers. Also I'm no Twilight im not big into lists an schedules lol.
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Its quite good
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Hehe very cute pun ponies!
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All the cute pone!
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All hail Fausticorn!
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