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Pony Faces

Based on the recent episode The Saddle Row Review.  So many fun faces from that episode <3  . 
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Did that new paper say elements of generosity still use newspaper?? 
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I love applejack and rainbow dash at this sfene
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They all look like they are having lunch with their crushes xD
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I didn't like the episode to be honest.
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The top row is just chillin, but Fluttershy is scared of rarity, and pinkie pie is scared of both. XD
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smile...hd D:
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"Element of Generosity Still Uses Newspapers"

XD I thought she was meant to be the trendy one XD
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Ok contestants next question: what is the difference between a duck.........
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applejack,twilight,and Rainbow-Dash,look like they're flirting with me
rarity and pinkie-pie,OH GOD DONT TRY TO RAPE ME! XD!(not hating on this picture though,its a wonderful drawing)
What tool did you use for this?
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Lol Element of Generosity Still Uses Newspapers. Hahahaha good one.
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I have forgotten that scene with Pinkie...OMG then I laugh sooooooo hard!!!
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Lil miss rarity... If you know the animation you know what i mean.
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Nice work n.n they all look really nice
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Lol I just love Twilight's face.
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Twi, AJ, and Rarity look drunk
Pinkie looks like Pinkie
Flutters looks like Alphys
Dash looks like Idek
Dash looks like a satisfied... drug dealer.

i dont even know
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I especially love Pinkies' face!
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