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Pony Buttons 2016

New batch of mane 6 buttons, to be seen at Babscon! I wanted to do Spike and Ember but I got pressed for time.
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Rainbow Dash is so offensive. Love it!
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sweet Tsitra^^ The best button i believe is fluttershy I really like that one^^
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...PP does pretty awesome thing with that mane, and happy Twilight is VERY happy. :)
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Nuuu! Stupid time! There could have been 8 glorious buttons instead of 6. :angry: 
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Now I see how much Apple Jack loves apples)))
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I so want that pinkie pie button! :D
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The AJ expression is sexy! Just like AJ herself.
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I love them all! You are such an amazing artist! I wish you would make a art piece of the new alicorn baby princess :squee: Like you did the portraits of her parents
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I love FLuttershy and Twilight! They look really good!
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Lol, Applejack's expression. :D
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Applejack's never looked lovelier. I mean...I'm sure she has, since this's a big-ass fanbase chock-full of artists, the top of my know what I mean.
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OMG. My heart fluttered at Fluttershy's. :+fav:
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Omg they are so awesome! Specially the fluttershy and twilight one! I hoped that i could go to that convention, but i live in another country ( ; _ ; )
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These are so awesome!
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This is a fantastic new set, with all of them so dynamic and showing off such spirited expressions. Even Fluttershy's bashful smile comes off quite playfully too. Pinkie's mane gel has really good hold too, apparently. ;) Meanwhile Applejack's picture would be perfect (even sensual) advertisement for the family's big, delicious, juicy apples.
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Love them! Hoping to see them on sale at Bronycon.

Wonderful work on them. Hoping to see those last two you mentioned as well.
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I can interpret that sign Rainbow is making with her wing in SO many goddamn ways...

...but I'm not going to because this is pretty cool.
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Looks awesome as always, so much detail!
(and you really love to draw pony tongues, don't you :D)
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