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Pinkie's New Island

I got Yoshi's New Island, so I made this spoof!  Enjoy!

Timelapse video:…

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Pinkie Just Trot by Tsitra360 
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I didn’t know you do 2D art too …

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Fixed comment, I feel like I'm the only one that loves Yoshi's Island DS and Yoshi's New Island over the original Yoshi's Island. Including the kazoos.
Aevlynran's avatar
This is definitely a game I would play. X)
yoshifangm's avatar
This is soooo accurate, great job C:
Pinkie sure would enjoy being a Yoshi XD
ZombieFX's avatar
i dont know what to say Oo
Gugulynn's avatar
This would have been a good game. Also reminds me about how annoying baby mario is in the Yoshi's island games
riley709's avatar
so cute i seen the video and it was awesome
TheEver's avatar
Love it. Ive truthfullly only played one Mario game my entire life, and that was Super Mario World for the GBA. But i love this crossover, and Pinkie looks cute :)
DeterminedGaurdian's avatar
Clapping Pony Icon - Button Mash  this is really good.
Catali's avatar
Love this!!! 
stardustpink's avatar
Awwwww, so cute and bright and awesome!X3 Nice texture on the eggs, makes em very shiny lookin
mr100dragon100's avatar
What program did you use this is amazing I love this
OHCF's avatar
Yoshi's New Island....didn't keep my attention past 1-2. (Then again, I'm in the midst of game overload & burnout)
It feels SLOWER and less smooth than the SNES Yoshi's Island: Super Mario World 2, and something about the background music and some of the sounds that IRK it because I never played any of the other games aside Yoshi's Island DS?
The giga eggs are a forced thing, not even sure if that's just the early stages or just all in my head. XD
BeekerMaroo777's avatar
And don't forget the story to it...
Helsaabi's avatar
Aww looks so cute <3
awesomestarz's avatar
I'd buy this game!
hecc95's avatar
This could be a mod
MKRachel's avatar
This is so damn CUTE! Heart I LOVE it. Great idea. La la la la 
SP4CE-TRA5H's avatar
MLPmichael's avatar are my hero...
Lily-WhiteHeart's avatar
Congratz for the entry on EQD Clap

I found this there
Cloclo2388's avatar
lol nice! pinkie is perfect for this!
NickyW093's avatar
So cute, I wish I could get this game
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