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Pegasi Breakfast

Quick painting tonight, experimenting in light and colors, more subdued.

So who has fallen asleep eating breakfast? I know I have many times.

(To my commissioners, expect a WIP sketch this week or an update)
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Hey Quick Question, Do You Have Any Other Accounts on deviantART?
Cause My Friend Beside Me Told Me They Have Definitely Seen Your Artstyle Before, But On A Different User.
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I too blow bubbles from my nose when I slumber

Lol great pic, you're the first speedpainter on YouTube I saw
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Pegasi are superior to Earths, even if not a whole world's worth.
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Two-broke-fangirls's avatar
wait scootaloo is missing!??!
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In the fruity loops factory...
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I sleep until 11. Then I avoid the mirrors for a little while.

It's not that I give a snot lol
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Hehe, Dashie's not a morning pony! :giggle:
DoctorsDelorean4evr's avatar
Well she never has been,even if she is a weather pony
ArimBowdish1591's avatar
is Scoots missing picture on the side of the milk? :D
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i was really SNOT-ing to see this drawing *wink
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Wow! This is great!
Do you start off with a sketch or dive right into the painting?
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Is that a snot bubble?
Edward256's avatar
Yep. A sleepy, snot bubble. Like in every anime...
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Wow, I really admire how you draw wings! (And not only!)
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Chicken is missing
PikachuckXD's avatar
Pikachu want it oh this is really kawaii
Pikachu is not shure but a little of cheap photoshop and all the cuteness and sweetness of this image would go....
Pikachu dizzy  args I don't wanna think about that
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It looks so weird... In positive way! Wink/Razz 
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Do you have your ОС
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Lol scoots iz on da milk carton.
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