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Party Animal - FlutterPie Fusion


Silly idea I’ve been wanting to try out sometime. I’m sure I’m not the first to do this, so if my concepts are similar to another artists, its all coincidence.  And a side note, these are not OCs or offspring of the ponies, but purely two ponies literally as one. Think steven universe fusions.

Party Animal (FlutterPie)

Speed Reader (TwiDash)

Fine Apple (Rarijack)

Which one is your favorite?

Fine Apple - RariJack Fusion by Tsitra360  Speed Reader - TwiDash Fusion by Tsitra360 

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Two ponies that are total opposites of each other, but when threatened or sad they become the other.
I don't know what to make of this fusion.  Sweating a little... 
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We talking steven universe fusing here?
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nice fusion mix for all 3, specialy twidash and flutterpie
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Kinda looks like her G1 self.
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Change her pink to white, and she's Surprise.
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Reminds me of the pink dragon from dragon tales
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What kinda personality would she even HAVE?! Wouldn' their personalities cancel each other out?
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The Kindness and Caring of Fluttershy would be combined with Pinkie Pie's Sillyness and Laughter.

The hyperactiveness and shyness probably would cancel each other out. Or she would be sometimes shy and sometimes hyper.

But I could see her mainly being very bubbly.
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Haha, I should borrow this one! My friends told me once when we were theorizing which ponies we were most like that I was a combination of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. XD
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So, would Party Animal be shy like Fluttershy or hyper active like Pinkie?
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a social introvert, shy in large groups but handles smaller groups well
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looks like someone watched steven universe.
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Or DBZ. Or Digimon. :p
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Yay ! By me calculation ye can make 30 fusions with da mane 6 !
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Gasp! Is that...Surprise?! XD
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"I hope you are ready for the best party of your life! Um... I-if that's what you really want..."

BEautiful work
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La malice de Pinckie dans le corps de Fluttershy OoO What happen !!??
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I wonder how Pinkie's high-octane exuberance and Fluttershy's preferring to hide under the bed rather than talk to anyone come together. 
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