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On The Bridge

Oops, spoiler.  Quick self-challenged 20 minute drawing. I liked the layout of this scene.

Heading out to go see the Lego Movie, cya!
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Flutterbutt!  Cute!  ^_^
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20 minutes? I take a day and more.

Why must I torture myself.
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This is like, like, like...
I just love it... Your drawings are like, the most beautiful thing EVAH!
I'd like to be like you one time... *v*
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Pretty good. I like how you intigrated two shading/coloring styles in this piece to where you dont really notice it. However what is noticable is that parts of Fluttershy, where you imply curves/depth via shading/light didn't come out perfectly(light on the upper part of Fluttershy's tail is to vertical atleast on one side and doesn't follow the motion of the tail, and the same goes for the light on the mane leading into her part towards her right ear).
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Very good drawing with a nice pose.
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I liked this part because it was just cute. (That, and it was pointing at FlutterMac)
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//high fives
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I know..

FUcking pervs...

I hate this fandom in times like this
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Hey, blame Hasbro for making it easy this season.
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i love that episode
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I hate this fandom sometimes.
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Did you enjoy the LEGO Movie? I thought it was pretty good.
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The way you did this art layout it looks like one of mysticalpha's. not saying you copied ( Obviously ) just a neat similarity.
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I know I'm replying to an old comment... wow, over a year.  But this was a scene many people was drawing based on the episode.
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Ahh I see, and thanks for the old reply.   :P
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In a way it does...
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Fluttershy is so cute!
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