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Octavia Button

She is Complete! New button for my cons. Focusing on a few of the background characters.

The whole set!

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Her tail looks a bit off to me, but nevertheless, she's beautiful!
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OMG your art is soooooooooooo awesome could you do a picture of button mash and sweetie belle for valentines day plz

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Amazing portrait of Octavia. :) <33
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Damn she looks sexy...I`d WANT to date Tavi,for once. xD Great job btw.

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I want to date Tavi too, forever. Or if double dates are allowed... Octavia and Applejack!
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Same hgere,I'd take Tavi.
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Then again - I think a lot of ponies are kinda attractive.
Octavia, Trixie, Roseluck, Orange Wafer, Applejack, Rarity...
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True. Vinyl somewhat.
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Vinyl makes me wanna barf.
Gotta have them all! These will look great on my wall next to all my other Tsitra prints
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Ah yes. Many colts would love to make sweet music with her! 
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It's absolutely spectacular
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YOLO - You Obviously Love Octavia. :D
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Your style looks just like this guys. :icondeathpwny:


Nah I'm just kidding.
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Jokes aside, his art style looks nothing like tsitra's.
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Absolutely gorgeous! 
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That looks like a black hole up there.......0.o
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