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Pretty interesting dream Twilight is having.........Enjoy!
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t h e  t i d e s  h a v e  t u r n e d
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  Was she transformed into a statue? 
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Just a fun swap. ^^
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  It's just that this is tagged 'semi-grimdark' on Derpibooru...
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From what I see, she's the cane. How would you feel if you were transformed into a ruler, and a wooden human was holding you?
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Makes sense now. 
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Wouldn't this just be the weirdest Season 6 Finale?
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What a terrifying nightmare.
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It looks like gem
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Lol! Trying to decide whether I should be afraid or laughing. Awesome!
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The ruler of Equestria XD
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XD omg lol so funny! ha ha great ha ha work *dies of laughter*
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All hail the REAL ruler of Equestria
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...And may the twili-cane rule us all. <3
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...This is an interesting picture, symbolizing Twilight's fear of loss of self due to her new royal title ;
That even her friends (as per s04e01 / 2) would no longer see her as their friend, but their ruler instead.

Either that, or that Twi-cane would take over the world.

. . .

Oh no! The mane six have been turned into canes! =P
(...well, these two, anyway.)

Pinkie-Cane by UltraTheHedgetoasterScepter.NOPE by UltraTheHedgetoaster
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Dare challenge a god?
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