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Not Ourselves

Yes! I finally finished an episode related drawing. Enjoy!  *timelapse will be up later*

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Rarity calm down no rarity RARITY Aghh SHE BIT ME!
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but she can't bite you... we are on the internet...

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Applejewel is hot!
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I couldn't stop laughing during this episode!
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I'e never seen AJ looking more ravishing. 
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Awesome, you did an episode drawing(when was the last time I saw one of those...).
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I like applejacks new look 
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Hehe still loving that episode ^_^  great art! Poor Rarity all messy from that mud, and Apple Jewel  XD hehe  and Trenderhoof  too!!  The whole episode reminded me of Green Acres, mostly just the theme song, as a kid I'd have that on  then change to another show, I think I only ever watched part or a few episodes.. Man that was like.. feels like centuries ago. XD
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More proof Rairty dun' like mud.
Or being disliked.

Don't be said Rarity, im sure you'll have 7 more episodes just about you like every other character.
Or you'll be replaced by a pig, as Rainbow (On mai terms) has officially been replaced by Derpy. Or shoulda been. :derp: 


Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 
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Gosh he looks so adorable in that farmer's outfit! :D
I'm a part time pig farmer, and when Rarity jumped into the pig pen, all I could think was "Oh honey, that ain't mud. Not even close."
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Oh.... o.O So not cool. LOL XD
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augh I couldnt stand trenderhoof lol

this pic's still fab though :D
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lol, rarity's face XD
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Rarity's face!!! :XD: :XD: :XD:
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Wow, love the expressions! XD
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I actually like Trenderhoof. He looks adorable in overalls. And extra adorable in this picture.
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wait i mean the pony to notice them is what i meant to say
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hehehe. i love how they both changed to get (rid of)the pony to nice them
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Nicely done work! Love the posing, they look smashing. :)
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