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Nightly Wonders


Buy as a print as WeLoveFine's website [link]

Really happy with this one, came out a lot better than I thought it would. It will replace my first Fluttershy painting. Enjoy. If you share this please let me know where you shared it.

Time: 21 hours
Programs: Sketchbook Pro/Photoshop CS5
Layers: 18 layers


Facebook Page: [link]
Youtube Channel: [link]

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Now THAT... is fuckin' gorgeous.

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This is just so beautiful :) It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful and talented people there are in this fandom. I decided to have a look, see if you are still drawing and WOW, You've improved so much and I thought this was perfect. XD

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Now that's beautiful. :)
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Posted to the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic group on Facebook in honor of this week's Lyrid meteor shower.
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Really love the lighting in this artwork.
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Fluttershy So Cute Meow :3 , A beautiful painting and exquisite background Heart 
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There's an easter egg in it.
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Truly love the background here... :love: :love: :love:
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I wonder what it would be like in a place where there are no lightbulbs turned on for at least a fifty mile radius at night. This brought up the thought.
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omg this is beautiful
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And I spend 20.5 hours, and 184 layers to get this -… :I
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I'm sharing this with my friends on my minecraft website credit will be given to you, although, needless to say most of them will recognize your artwork immediately ^.^;
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Love it, and nice of you to make it available for sharing!
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Wow, I really like Fluttershy's cottage in this!
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love your detail in lighting when i see your paintings.
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uno de los dibujos nocturnos mas lindos que vi
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nice fluttershy.
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Any problem if I print this out and tell everyone I drew it? ;)
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As soon as I find out what "YOLO" means, I shall let y'know! 8-)
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