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My Little Chaos

He sure seems cute when small, one of my favorite scenes I decided to paint from the last episode.

Watch how I painted this

See the other Discord pic
Hissssterical by Tsitra360 

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Oh! I saw this speedpaint on YouTube!
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Hehe.. She looks drunk. ^^
Would you mind if I posted some of your pics on my insta account mentioning you?
Plezzex's avatar
Very cute heart-rending sight.
Ismalith's avatar
That is a really cute emotion
MjaxMajoran's avatar
That face though!
saber360's avatar
Yeah, not feeling so tall and mighty, huh Discord? ;P
cimarronboy's avatar
Possim grade pov. I would love to be looked at the same way as dissy at his size. 
mlptransformers's avatar
well, she's enjoying being the tall one for once.
mlptransformers's avatar
s to the m to the u to the g. 
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Aawwww what a adorbs scene ^^ Asking for an apology from a low ground <3
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 Nice. Though I am surprised there aren't more of these around.
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He was shrunk? Can you send me a link to what happened in the episode?
FoxyAndChicaThugLife's avatar
the episode is : what about discord ?
FoxyAndChicaThugLife's avatar
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Nice Twilight when she looks bigger. :)
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