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Mountain Walk

Its been forever since I went into the mountains with some friends.  Enjoy some  upright ponies!
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Uawesome picture. I love it!
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Awwwww Twilight's Rainbow Dash doll in her mail bag is soooo cute
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Would it be ok if i make this into a base? ill credit you for the original picture.
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Be careful, Pinkie!
Amazing picture! Love the detail! ♥
K4nK4n's avatar
Heheh, Dash reminds me of Sans from "Undertale". I like AJ's boots. Pinkie looks adorable here.
VioletFox501's avatar
BTW: Just realised that Twi has a Rainbow plush. LOL :D
VioletFox501's avatar
I really like your artstyle. Looks pretty realistic to me.:meow:
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That sweatshirt looks so chill.
OMG! Twilight the mailmare... b-but that's Derpy's job. XD!
AJ looks so cool in her boots.
How did Pinkie Pie... oh right her "Pinkie" logic. :)
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Nice stuff. Noticed the boots on Applejack, too. :)
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Amazing, glad to know one of my favarite artists shipps this couple
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I see no ships in this.
AshestoAshes423's avatar
If it's not a ship then why would it be in a Twidash shipping group, not trying to be mean I'm just pointing out something
VanillaCinnimon's avatar
Because it has both characters in one painting.
PeppermintChew's avatar
I think it's because they KNOW Tsitra ships Twidash is all but this is not a shipping picture.
PeppermintChew's avatar
Also, it may be in the Twidash group because there is a Dash plush in Twilight's bag
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That Rainbow Plushie, so cute!
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