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Mountain Walk

Upright ponies walking in the high mountains? Yeah sure lets draw that.
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Mind if i draw this?
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Oh thats cool:D  not so sure how the front leg anatomy can do what it does in this picture but.......  still really cool.  
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That rainbow dash plush in twilights bags tho
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Awesome as always, girls!
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Twilight should leave mailing to pros. :)
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color? but it is really awesome as is.
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The perspective is absolutely amazing!!
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Looks really cool. Love your art :D
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Weird, yet cool =)
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Awkward thank you
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I'm sooooo pinkie in this drawing
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Beautiful as always, Tsitra! I hope you plan to color it, I'd love to see it colored! Also, do you have any plans for more speedpaints? I miss those, they're really good!
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Oh my gosh!  The lineart!  So amazing!

And how did you do Rainbow's bangs from that angle? I've tried drawing bangs from a similar angle and it just doesn't seem to work.
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ITS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! i love the perspective and lineart (yeah i know its only lineart here xD) but different line thickness makes it really smooth and full of details
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Considering the balance and awareness she would need for all of her flying tricks it wouldn't surprise me if Rainbow could walk like that if she really wanted to.

I third on the coloring request. I bet this would look amazing in color. :) (Smile) 
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I'd love to see this colored :D Dashie looks very cool here 
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