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Morning After _ 30 min challenge

My contribution for todays challenge with the topic Hangover/Morning After pone from My Little Art Challenge
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When its time for school 
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You actually managed to do this much in 30 minutes? Are you a wizard?
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hes a blizzard...
Tracer Icon 2 
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im no where near as productive in just 30 min
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OOOOOOOHHHH, awesome!!! :drool: That's me on Monday mornings, hangover and all! :drunk: :headache:
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This is me waking up for my class at 8:00 am.
1nfernalFlame's avatar
The morning after a shipping😉😏
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See kids? This is why we don't drink alcohol. 
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...hoooooly craaaap, though morning, eh? ;p
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Hangovers are a bitch.
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Are you hungover Twilight? Here, let me help.

*walks around and bangs on a pan with a metal spoon*
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Reminds me of a cat who didn't get enough sleep last night. Very nice facial expression :)
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Aaww. I love your drawing of awakening Twilight. It's pretty adorable!Luma icon 1 Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] Twilight Sparkle (hug pancakes) plz Twilight Sparkle-sleeping on the books-PLZ  Keep up to great work.
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Memo to myself: "Drink 1 or 2 Beer less" ;-)
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I'm never drinking again.
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Spike (Suspicion) Plz : That is what you said 30 times before and you still drink enough cider to kill half of Ponyville.
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Morning after Quesadilla party
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i really like how you did the colors and lightning! keep up the awesome work! la in love 
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