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MoonDancer - Speedpaint

Been having a tough time this week. Here’s a speed paint I did to help calm my nerves.    

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I love Moondancer.
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Eye brows need to be like a Big SMige a meter BIGGER! xD JK

Beaut Tho
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Wow, your speed paints are amazing! ^^
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 What tool you use to shade? If you don't mind me asking.
Funny is that in IDW annual2013 comic Moondancer and other Twilight's friends are much older than Twilight. But in this episode they gave them same age.
In the comic Twilight is little foal wihout cutiemark and the others are twice as big and have cutiemark.
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this looks better than my stuff!
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"Where are my glasses?! I can't see without them!"

Wonderful work
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>>Been having a tough time this week.
Me too. Had a bicycle accident, lost a month of my memory.
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That's better than what happened to a friend of mine. He was chasing his cat and ran into a frame. He lost six months of memory.  (Recently he got it back)
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Wow, really? I can relate!
And I thought I am the one in trouble... the memory is starting to return anyway, at a very slow pace though. SUCH a strange experience. You're in luck you never had one. But did your friend tell you what he felt?
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That's a good one :D
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Glad it calmed your nerves because it looks great! Love her expression!
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She looks very good!
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I loved Moondancer. She personified my childhood-young adulthood that bad or good? =p

Nice work
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Yay a MoonDancer! I think I finally figured out why she has that look on her face. She's worried that she left her glasses at the library instead of at home, and she is contemplating if she should go back and check.
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Was it your intention to make her not look just like a twi sparkle recolor like in the show? I like this better. :)
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where are these speedpains at?
i didnt see this suntreat, horse on water, applejack portrait 2 on youtube
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Looks like a nervous nelly for sure, good job. This whole year feels like it's been pretty tough and your illustrations definitely help some of us when we're feeling a little down. If only you enjoyed your illustrations as much as we did, lol.
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Do you have any speed drawings of nightmare moon?
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She's beautiful. I love the style of coloring you used for this one. I also hope you have a better week, and whatever is bothering you is resolved.
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