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MiAmoreCadenza Portrait

She looks good with Ruffles.

Don't forget to check out Shining Armor here
Shining Armor_Portrait by Tsitra360 
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Quite the stunning piece! The colors flow marvelously and I love what you have done with her hair! 
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Interesting design.
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very beatiful one of Cadence here 
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can you please draw Lilly Salt?
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Plz tell me how u draw so well.
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Quite the regal portrait, the kind we'd see up on the castle walls. :)
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Nice! I love it! :meow:
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*Squee* Shes soooooooooooooooooo cute!!! ~Glasswing
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omg her stuff is breaking
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Awesome! So beautiful!
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That is one seriously awesome picture!

I, Cadenza
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The pride this extols is amazing?
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I am not much of a Cadence fan, but this is gorgeous!
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Dude i didn't notice the cracks in the piece before! brilliant! it gives it a very old painting look! oh man that is genius.
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clever way of doing her hair style, i like it. your art always shows that i still have a lot to improve on. need to work on my color shading and hair...mostly color. but alas great piece, I love it. dang it i want a wall scroll of this!
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Absolutely beautiful! This is stupendous, keep up the awesome work!~ :iconbrohoofplz:
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Simply beautiful!   Uh oh, stray hair!
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