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This is something I finished clear back in August, it was just sitting in my drawing folder collecting digital dust ^^;  It originally was going to be a comic, but I never got around to making it. 
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Button's mom doesn't seem too happy on with button on what he want from the menu and Derpy seems excited to see Doctor Hooves at McMares
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awesome drawing :D
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I wonder why McMares doesn't buy chairs...I wouldn't want straw pokin' me in the junk, or up the bum.
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Woaaah, thank you so much for making this! I love going at McDonalds, so getting a ponified version... makes it even better now!! ^.^
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This is funny you got a mc donalds and a jack in the box reference.
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Button is probably asking for a specific toy XD "I want that one! That one's cool!"
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Hmmm... Derpy, Doctor Whooves, Lyra and BonBon. Thats all I need in itself, favorited!
Great work adding the 4 most recognisable"background" ponies in the show! :)
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You forgot the other two by the counter.
Hexedecimal's avatar
Button Mash and his Mom, srry, at the time of posting that comment I hadn't seen "Button's Adventures". Now that I have I do reconise them. XP
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Is button mash a gamer pony?
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I would assume so, if Button's Adventures has anything to go by...
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Oh I haven't seen those videos.
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Button's mom is not happy. :-p
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Has my two favorite background ponies, Derpy and Lyra. Love this!
BubblyTeddy's avatar
I was laughing so hard at the buck in the box in the background! :D
I love your style!
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I bet Button brought his 3DS for some Streetpasses :3
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Awwwwww so cutie I love McDonald's very good work!Clap
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Button: But Moooooom they're doing Mario toys!
Button's mom: No.
Button: But I want Oat McGrains!
Button's mom: No.
Button: Pleeeaaaase Mom?
Button's mom: -glares- Button...
Button: -sulks-
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Wow, it's everyone's favorite McDonald's!La la la la :happybounce: La la la la Sherlock - Moriarty Shocked 
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Uh oh. Buttons better pipe down if he wants to get that happy meal. 
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Looks loke doctor is checkin her out
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