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Marks And Recreation Doodles

The new episode was wonderful, so heres some doodles based on the episode. I had tweaked some scenes a bit.
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XD here at Cutie Mark Day Camp, we not only get your cutiemarks, we help you find your special somepony.
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That is the best way to break up any heated argument. I'm gonna use that.
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I'm with Apple Bloom.
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shipping sweetie with anyone is a recipe for success
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I have never seen a more accurate depiction of shipping wars than that image on the lower-right corner.
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Lol, the episode was pretty good in my opinion as well. And this is some nice (comedy) work to go with it. =p
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I mostly enjoyed the episode (not a top of the list one but not a bottom one either) but I LOVE these doodles!

SoC: Marks And Recreation
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Awesome work! Loved this episode <3
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We need more thunderland episodes! Nice to see him even if he got a small part, still im suprised he got into wonderbolts. Did he do something that caught the attention of the wonderbolts?
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Sweetie like Spike and BUttonMash
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I wish I could've seen the rest of the stream :/
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this episode was adorable specially "calm" sweetie belle
I thought Rumble was gonna get a Che Guevara cutie mark. XD

On a side note...anyone else find "The Ring" Pony creepy? ^_^

(also, best episode title ever)
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Why would Apple Bloom be happy and said "now kiss"??? Apple Bloom loves Rumble ;)
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rumbaloo, rumbelle. bloom is nice she likes to share her bae with her friends as long as he comes home at night lol
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Sounds like what you see when you're drunk and you hit your head on something.
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Did you hit your head kid?? I hope it's not too bad for you ... :/
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