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This is Marina, one of the mascots from the Everfree Northwest convention....which I'm currently not attending right now. I forgot to send a vendor application (I thought I sent one), and so I messed up my perfect attendance.  I'm very bummed out that I'm not there right now.

So I drew Marina as a reminder to myself to 'not forget' again, and as an apology for not being there right now. To those who are at the convention, have fun!
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The sunset make it such a beautiful scene !
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Lol this is the name of a real life horse I know xD
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Merpony *screams in excitement* Soooo gooddd.....
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Tsitra, can I use your Marina artwork for a song I wrote for her? The name of the instrumental song I wrote for her is Singing Ocean. Such a soothing, chilling and relaxing song for a character like Marina of the Everfree Northwest. It has a feeling of the Sega CD version of Ecco the Dolphin.

And Starfire would say, "Let us enjoy the gaming of the CD of Sega!"

Anyway... Please...?
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Creepy and gorgeous, a wonderful combination! The water and the skyline are quite amazing BTW!
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Thank you so much. :)
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Is so beautiful o3o
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Well, it's either a coincidence, or so. But the name Marina very much like a Russian name.
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I felt my monitor wet when I watch the water in your picture:)
Hi~Tsitra360,I'm the very“Raven Dash Prime”(Or maybe Prime RavenDash)on YouTube who asked for the permission to re-upload your video.
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she looks so beautiful. you should make prints of this for next years con I bet they'd sell out. both years the plushie for her has sold out
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What a great piece! Love it. Sorry you missed the convention, I was looking forward to meeting you there! Next year?
On a side note, I remember popping into your stream for a few minutes right before the artist panel ;P
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I like orcas. I like ponies. This is great.
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This is wonderful
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This is a beautiful and very detailed drawing, thank you for makin us all enjoy the beauty of this drawing! Thank you for your hard work! You're amazing
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OMG IT LOOKS LIKE ToothpasteThy  OC!!!! XD
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Orcas! Orcas everywhere! :la:
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WOW!!!! is so adorable
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