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That episode was deep. Makes me remember my old friends back in the day.

Also attempted to do a children book coloring style. It took a long time. *feints*
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This was a beautiful episode, my favourite episode alongside Lesson Zero.

(1 and 1/2 years late !)
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Beautiful work! (And one of my favorite episodes...)
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More faaaaaves
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When I saw that the first, stanza, if you want to call it that, ended with "shy" and the second ended with "goodbye" I thought this was a poem XD
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You know, this makes me think of the relationships I have with people that I want to fix, but maybe don't have the time to do it...

Or they're too far away, you know?

Wither way, this is awesome!
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awww this is cute
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she could be twilights clone just other Colors and .... well just colors
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Amending Fences. Look it up on Youtube.
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episode 12 right?
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it reminded me of all the relationships I've trashed, destroyed, and abandoned. Those got me to where i was, and i don' want to change one bit. (sniff)
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I loved the Episode, it hit me right in my feels, and made me remember old friends as well...
The drawing is awesome and the coloring turned out really nice, and it is so heartwarming i love it, to bad i couldn't watch it live.
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At the bottom

"I'll Never Leave Again

My Friend."


"For Friendship is the best kind of magic there is."

idk, just came to me.
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Man.. All the way to episode 1 and TWILIGHT went back for her, this Season is just amazing *sniff*
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