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MLP Movie Art Style - Art Study



I took some screenshots from the teaser for the MLP Movie (which btw got exported with awful quality and is not the true movie style...and isnt even a teaser).  I love the new look the ponies have. They are very similar with just a few visual enhancements.  Looking at the animation the style is more free forming and loose, but in this art study I looked for the building blocks for that style.

The notes I wrote are not meant to act as a tutorial, but just study notes on things I've noticed in the art study. Everything from the obvious new ears, to the subtle changes to the wings and legs. I applied what I learned and attempted an original pose that dont exist in the teaser. I feel I'm 80% accurate.

Enjoy my art study. It's been a long time since I studied an actual show style. Last time I did this was for Steven Universe. 

Dash MLP Movie Style by Tsitra360 
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I really want to see the Student Six drawn in the same style as the movie, honestly.