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Oh look! It's our favorite little human. :iconlyraheartstringsplz:

The whole set!

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only the head canon lyra know of human but the canon one don't!

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Nice try "Bon Bon", but I found you. 🤣

Awesome work.
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*looks on Nr.#1 Ponys finger on his hand* O_O  we got so much in common... why dont we go for a walk? <3
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awwwwww... This is so cute!
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Hahaha so perfect!
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Gorgeous. <3
I love the use of shading and coloring.
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Lyra Is SO obsessed with Humans (Us)
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Lyra so bright and fluffy.
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LYRAAAAAAAA :D - wait, does that say,     oh lyra, why you so random xD
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I love the little thing on her hoof. Great touch XD
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:iconlyraheartstringsplz::iconsays3plz:Wow, love the portrait!  But honestly, I don't get it... Yeah, humans are awesome I guess, but that's not what I was thinking when I was sitting on the bench.  I lost track of time before we started filming that episode, so I had to dart over to the set, and I was so exhausted that I just plopped down on it.  I honestly wasn't even aware of how I was sitting.  But hey, if you like drawing me as a human-fan, that's cool... as long as I'm not some kind of murderous psychopath.  *laughs*
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humans are # 1? You know it Lyra! You go girl!
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Honestly Lyra, humans suck.
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