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Luna's Future

Gotta love Black Paper. You can find this original for sale at Midwest Bronyfest in Kansas City this weekend!

Watch how I drew this and see my hand. Lol

Other times I used Black paper

Princess Ember - Colored Pencil by Tsitra360 She's Electric! by Tsitra360 Fools Love by Tsitra360 
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It looks amazing!
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Ah, black paper. Man, it's been such a long time since I've seen any!
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Undid you chalk pastels? I really like this drawing BTW! I can only color when I do digital art, never with traditional. The colors end up mixing with the outline.
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This is awesome!! Can i ask how do you find colors to match Luna? Every time I try to color Luna with color pencils I can never get the right colors.
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Absolutely gorgeous! I need to try using colored pencils on black paper too. ^_^
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Creeper than Luna's Season 2 debut...
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This is beautiful, and its awesome to see more unusual traditional mediums!
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Ok Tsitra I have to say this to the public, YOU keep surprising me!!! Your artwork just keeps getting better and better!!!!
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That is amazing! The chalky style is great for that scene!!
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Love it, very well done >w<
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Timber-floor-staining by DallasBlack

This is a bad pun way of saying I'm floored! Amazing man, utterly amazing!
this is amazing! love the detail in it! plus its awsome its on eqdaily!
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This is amazing! :D :D :D
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When I saw this, I immediately thought that you used oil pastels.
Haven't watched the video yet.
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Whoa, black paper fits this scene very well. You actually shade in color instead of black to get that feeling of depth.

Nice work =)
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Absolutely #awesome. Love that style /)
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