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Little Mac vs Big Mac

Originally uploaded Oct 11, 2014

I love irony, and that's the idea behind this crossover.
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Big Macintosh for Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC!
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And here I was just making McDonalds jokes 
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Big Mac is strong enough to tow a two-story house behind him with little effort. He can also knock loose the apples from an adult tree with one hoof buck. Little Mac can punch hard enough to equal Mike Tyson in his prime, which is about 1,700 pounds of force.

Given that horses (even ponies) are significantly stronger and quicker than humans, I'd give the match to Big Mac. Certainly though, Little would put up a fearsome fight.
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Little mac is no slouch if he can take tyson out he can take anyone out.
Hell if he can go toe to toe with the fastest thing alive, someone who controls time, an evil magically enhanced warlock, a drug infused soldier, and a wandering warrior with the spammiest move in history. Then mac would find a way to win.
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hamburger time 
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I want this to happen!!!!
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Looks like a job for Burnie, of RoosterTeeth.

But in all seriousness, Little Mac wins.
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my vote goes to mac
not cuz I love mac
but cuz mac is just awesome
go Mac, kick Mac's butt!

in all seriousness, considering them both (and yes I know about Little mac punching out DK and DK moving a moon and all that stuff), I still think Big Mac would win.
...if he had an assist.
sadly, I dont like Little mac (playing as him or his games in general), but thats just my opinion
but even I have to admit, LM would win.  All Big Mac has going for him is his strength and endurance.  but LM has that plus speed, apposable thumbs should he ever take off those gloves, and actually TRAINING in fighting/combat.
the only way I could see Mac winning, is if he got an assist from like, Rainbow or Twilight to fly/levitate him around while he fights, since LM is all but useless in the air compared to his power on the ground (as Smash has shown us.)
well that was a long ramble, I'm off! *flies away*
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side b off the stage.
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Looks like mac is staring straight at his tailhole
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little mac uses jump kick it is not affective big mac uses buck! it is super affective! BIC MAC WINS!!!

Mind Blown 
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Little Mac:
-Could dodge punches delivered by a man who outran a bullet train.
-Could knock someone who took a bull to the chest standing out.
-Could take punches from someone who knocked the moon outside his orbit with one punch!
It's very clear who would win!
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My favorite character in smash bros.
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Little Mac Punches the Cutie Mark off of Big Mac. And Big Mac knocks the steroids out of Little Mac. Everyone goes out for Ice Cream, after retrieving their respective things. The End.
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little macs on steroids?
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He is when he becomes enraged. he increases in size.... Making him Big Mac? *Universe Implodes on Anomalous Events*

Universe Runtime Error 12930: Big Mac Punched himself.
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Technically it's Little Mac versus Littler Mac ?
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Well Big Mac is a Little Pony so... objectively he's Normal Mac? That's, like, the distributive property or something.
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So It's little mac versus generally average sized mac. Yeah, Big Mac is an Oxymoron. He is a big little pony. a little big pony planet.
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Umm... draw?

Also, I refer to Little Mac's Final Smash as Big Mac rather than Giga Mac.
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Little Mac is going to kick his ass.
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