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Librarian Princess Twilight

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Princess Twilight wearing librarian clothes...I guess she still likes that job? hehe. (Click Download for higher res) Comment? I don't reply to everyone but I do read them.

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Don't worry Twi, they all came around!
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MarurabaHobbyist Writer
The book just says "Vaporize them!" on every single page over and over again.

Also holy crap the detail on these is amazing. The details on the fur in particular makes it especially realistic and believable. All too often the pictures that depict the characters as fuzzier don't look quite right, but this one is dead on.
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girlskydoesminecraftHobbyist Artist
brony alicorn haters what to do........hahahaha LOL!!!!!!!im gonna lugh (really cant spell) my heart out HAHAHA LOL :overlaugh: 
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blueberrymaniacHobbyist General Artist
so adorable and professional
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love all the details here!!! Her mane, fur, wings... simply amazing!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Hm, that's an interesting book you're reading there, Twilight :D :D :D
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KironStrifeHobbyist Photographer
*sigh* there's just something about highly intelligent women that I find appealing.  I suppose it's because they get excited at the same stuff I do. XD    
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mr100dragon100Hobbyist Digital Artist
some one should make a real book for this and give to the barony's who like alicorn twilight same thing for discord oh and by the way you are an amazing artist keep up the good work
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Sky-WrenchHobbyist Digital Artist
This is by far my fave out of all of the summer mane six :) (Smile) 
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SnowTailsHobbyist General Artist
the look suite twilight more then her princess dress
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SydneyitsSydneyYoHobbyist Digital Artist
"Brony Alicorn Haters What to do?" LOL :XD:
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sithwolfHobbyist Writer

step one: tolerate them and make sure you understand why they hatting


step two: explain that the reasons of being an alicorn and the plusses


step three: try to come to common ground and form a love hate relation ship


step four: when all else fails there is always the moon

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Hatting? o-o -puts on a hat made by the Mad Hatter-
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sithwolfHobbyist Writer
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LightningNote General Artist
that book tho
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Hey, you can't please everybody.

Loving that librarian look, but a skirt like that seems utterly pointless. At least the dresses are long enough to cover their tails and rears.

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I imagine it will involve lots of violence lol love this picture Twilight looks very good like this
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StickingtonthedragonHobbyist General Artist
Brony Alicorn Haters
What to do?
By: Princess Cadenza 

… XD
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fallenfromlimboHobbyist Artist
Not a hater or anything related, but she doesn't fit being a princess. I just had to comment, sorry, but nice artwork. :)
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What do you mean she doesn't fit?
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DragonKingAlphaHobbyist General Artist
Awesome picture. 
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Poor Twi, great pic. 
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sydrasydra Digital Artist
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