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Late Night Studying

Oh man! This was very hard...and fun! I just had to stop adding more and more into this scenery. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do

Program: (90%) Sketchbook Pro/ (10%) Photoshop CS5
Time: I have no clue.

Update: Fixed window lighting
Update2: Headlining feature on Equestria Daily [link]
Now available as a print at WeLoveFine! [link]

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Those days were so comfy.

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It's time to go to bed, Princess Luna is watching you...
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I love it! spike's on the stairs in the background! it looks like he's yawning!
And i love twilight sparkle!
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U IZ THE ...................................................................................... uhh ......................... cool
Cute :3 I love Twilight Sparkle <3
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To be so tired, yet so engrossed, something I've felt many times before... Great work, looks nice, good mood to it, and background, and setting. Looks great!
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beautiful incredible painting here. very nice mood.
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very very very well done!
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This was the first picture I ever seen of yours, it became an instant favorite. Never had a DA account then but I'll just say it now, "I really love your late night study, Spike's bedtime moment here. It's really sweet and so very Twilight." Is what I probably had said if I did have a DA back then ;3 (or at least remembered about it)

Been so used to seeing you on drawfriends I think I never bothered to favorite/watch you xD
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Wow! This is really good!
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O. O
words can't describe the sheer talent.
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I remeber that day when i watched the livestream on this ^^ it was big fun to watch =D
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The camera.... that angle.... It wants to show me EVERYTHING!! :faint: Loving it! :D
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Awww, Twilight looks so tired, but so happy. :D

I love all the detail you put into the background! The book titles are an especially nice touch (I guess all that Daring Do inspiring Dash to become an author herself ;p).

I love it! :dance:
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Aww, sleepy dragon in the background :)
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Twilight looks so tired... I love it! :icontwilighthappyplz:
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haha, nice use of that icon.
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good LORD!!! the BACKGROUND!!!!
TEACH MEEEEHHHH!!!!!! :icondesperateplz:
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I will…as soon as I find out how I did it too.
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Another Brilliant picture the lightening is brilliant and the textures likewise :)
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That's me, right there. XD

Other than the slightly awkward angle of the candle and some of the floor whorls, this is very beautiful (and Owlicius (is that how you spell that?) looks like an owl!)

Very nice scene.

And the book titles are hilarious
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