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What are you waiting for? Give her a bro hoof! Or maybe you're tiny and she's about to grab you.... run! D:

Quick piece just focusing on angles. Hope you like it :) See the video below
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Not too hard, Dashie! That metal could be quite the flogging!
I imagine this is the last thing someone would see before passing out with a huge red mark on their forehead... :)
Hebbocake's avatar
That face is very unsettling for some reason
E-man300's avatar
HECK YEAH!*hoofbumps back*
triple-paws's avatar
Hardly anybody (that I've seen so far) ever adds horseshoes to their feet. Creative (even though I'm not a big fan of MLP) > o <
987tails's avatar
eh, cant blame the author. horseshoes are really good for horses, just not for the looks tho :P 
SomeRandomMinion's avatar
I can't help but think it looks like she's about to stomp on a tiny viewer...
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Martiti5's avatar
Your drawings are just great! !!
Ignition191's avatar
i litterly fist bumped my screen XDD
Ignition191's avatar
zomg you're amazing!
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PanHead537's avatar
Do they wear horseshoes in the show?
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Awww!! Great work!
RichyX15CR's avatar
Oh no It's Shingeki no Kyojin Attack on Pony
PegaSeraph's avatar
I am so gonna hurt my knuckles...
*Bro-hoofs anyway*
FantasyDragon8's avatar
* hoof bumps her *
Varough's avatar
I love it, it's so awesome
IronhorseF-126's avatar
Ok I'm adding this to my favs cause this pic is soooo AWESOME
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