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Have an applejack.

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No thanks, had Applejacks for breakfast.
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Applejack was my original favorite, and she still is, though she is now joined by Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash :D love the pose
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I don't even know why, but Applejack randomly became my favourite a while ago. Before it was fluttershy. I guess applejack just seems the nicest to hang out with. Rarity might alienate you, RD would make you feel sort of loser-ish, fluttershy would be hard to hold a conversation with, twilight would overwhelm you with her books and nerdiness, and pinkie would overdose you on jitteriness. Applejack is caring, supportive, and stands up for people.
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The rope kinda looks like it's making the shape of an apple. Did you do that on purpose?
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Wonderful dynamic pose!
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Thanks for the applejack, there is never enough though.
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Ride 'em, cowgirl!
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I love AppleJack <3 Amazing!
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I really like this pose. nice work!
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Yea, im really digging this style
Very nice!

It's not that big of a deal but...
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They always miss the freckles!
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awesome do more your art is breathtaking!La la la la
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Great. More artwork illustrating the mane six as an exclusive group. :|
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Applejack is best pone~ <3
Tsitra360's avatar
Best indeed ^^
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Man AJ is so talented,and you are to
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I hope you do the Loyaltiy box next.
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Applasso's a nice touch. :D
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