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I get it!..... I dont get it.  One of two illustrations based on the recent Discord episode. I do love how Discord can become anything he wants.

Check out the other Discord pic
My Little Chaos by Tsitra360 
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Thisss isss hissstorical
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Id love discord puns xD
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Bout to say that!
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if i see discord with Rainbow-Dash again,im gonna kick the crap outta discord
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Yeah, me too. Seriously, if I could become anything I wanted, that would mostly result in weird news on TV.
"Kangaroo doing the Gangnam Style in New York"
"Winged pony verbally assaults animal researchers"
"Alligator found gambling"
"Mosquito talks to reporters"
"Incident´s cause cleared: Dragon landed on highway bridge and blocked traffic"

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Rainbow's face. XD
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Very impressive.
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I  have watched most of your tutorials and streams in Youtube and find that they're really helpful for me to learn drawing a pony!Love all your sompositions of ponies. I'm going to follow you whatever you draw.:) (Smile) 
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Aww! Dashie is so adorable there. ^3^
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IDK why, Dashie looks really cute in this XD Must be her hooves held up as paws :meow:
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And then Bill Cipher takes over all of equestria...
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Because Discord is chilling in Remnant :)

No seriously, in my headcanon (and my fanfiction) he is a dimension-hopper, randomly opening portals to other worlds and go there for vacation.
Ok, we won´t ever seen him do this in my fanfiction, since the protagonist is waaay too busy with saving future Equestria from the Windigo to even have an idea who Discord is.

No but seriously, Discord in Remnant (the world where RWBY takes place). Yep, once I´m done with one of my fanfictions, I write one focusing on my idea that Discord goes on vacation in other dimensions.
I may even have him go to our dimension, find out about MLP and confront the mlp staff with him being the real Discord. On a fan convention. With him revealing his true form as proof. Totally gonna happen :)
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I LOVE the colors! 
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