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Hip Shy

By Tsitra360
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Fully rendered clothing concept for Fluttershy. (Comment? I may not reply to all but I do read them all)

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Somepony's been taken after Tree Hugger.
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Nice art work you did.
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Is it just me, or is there something wrong with her face?
Somethibg dosent seem right.
maybe the eyes/face is strecht to much vertical.

Or the ears are in the wrong postition.
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this look for fluttershy is gorgeous and seems to be so appropriate
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Hey, Shy, does your parents approve?
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Hippy!Fluttershy: "They're totally chill with it, maaaaan. My folks and I are like, super tight and understanding; they're already super proud of the whole 'saved the world four times and have a job as an animal doc' thing. They can handle their kid going a little flower child, y'know?
"Now, wanna try the new strand of witchweed I just grew, maaaan? Finally got rid of the part where you get all giant n' stuff, made the buzz more mellow and easier to come down from. Worst your'll get once it wears off is feeling real sleepy, maybe a sudden mad craving for salad..."
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Can I please use this as a fanfic cover? I promise to give credit and a link back to your work on deviantart! 
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She looks so adorable. EEEEEEE 
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She's beautiful, man....
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this looks good are you still active 
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She honestly looks more like a goddess than a hippie.
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i don;t get what hip means in this case....
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X3 yush
*i am a beatles fangirl, so X3*
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I love the elvish/fairy like appearance of Fluttershy in this picture. She is so cute and lovable. I really admire your coloring skills here!
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Awww I luv FluttershyChibi Fluttershy Icon 
And now she's hipstershy... From one of my favorite pony artists! What more can I ask?:D (Big Grin) 
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Why is her right wing outfocused?
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