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AJ is a silly pony
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why does AJ have trump hair XD
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Holy cow you're right!
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Love this picture. :) But... You should move the wheels more to the front. It is not possible that the weight is misplaced here. Just saying.. Still great work. :)
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Applejack is very cute looking like that.
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AppleJack stare  can someone help me?
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Rainbow Dash, why don't you take over? XD
ReplacedLemon0's avatar
Come on AJ, at least it's not on fire! :D
*accidentally drops a match*
Ok, now you should panic...
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Heh, I guess she had it coming for overestimating herself.
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Aj's expression is priceless xD I love this so much, wonderful work!
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Yes, that's right, keep laughing at her, Dash. I'm sure that won't come back to bite you the next cider season.
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Relatable, thought-provoking, and hilarious all in one...well played =)
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Poor AJ ... I sympathize.
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Fake.  Earth Ponies are made of dark matter
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No it's fine Dashie! You don't have to help her XD
*pokes AJ repeatedly with finesse*
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AJ is laughing on the inside......Or crying.
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HAHAHA, the first thing that appeared in my mind was this:…
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